Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Start with mean wind

Start to Rotate at about 1 meter /second (m/s)wind velocity and efficiently generates electricity at moderate wind speed of 4-8 m/s which would be the average wind speed in many regions.
Therefore our system could generates relatively larger amount of electricity in annual base in comparison with other system of the same rated output.

Rotate with any wind direction

It rotates regardless of wind direction.

No noise, Easy maintenance

It rotates at much lower revolution than propeller type wind turbine, which assures quiet and less vibrate operation.
Basic system is quite simple in comparison to propeller type and easy for maintenance.

Environmental Friendly

Because of the lower profile and rectilinear external form, it invites less concern over landscape and fewer chance of bird strike.

Versatile Application

Application is quite versatile and we see no limitation. From 200W to 50KW and more, it can be used as part of commercial power system by incorporating with grid and/or as independent type power supply with battery.
It can be installed not only in country side but also in urban area too where wind speed is relatively lower.

Recycle Material

The use of recyclable material such as aluminum alloy or plastic for blades helps to conserve natural resources.

【General Specification】

Wind-Turbine Blade Length 2.0m 2.5m 3.5m 6.0m 9.0m
Rotation Diameter 1.2m 1.5m 2.5m 4.0m 6.0m
Number of Blades 4 4 3 3 3
Materials of Blades Anticorrosion of Aluminium alloy
Weight of Turbine 20kg 25kg 60kg 180kg 500kg
Generator Rated Output 200W 400W 1KW 5KW 10KW
Rated Voltage 24V 24V 24V 48V 280V
Weight 15kg 35kg 40kg 65kg 115kg
Performance Starting Wind Velocity 1.4m/sec 1.4m/sec 1.6m/sec 1.6m/sec 1.8m/sec
Cut in Wind Velocity 2.8m/sec 2.8m/sec 2.8m/sec 2.8m/sec 2.8m/sec
Survival Wind Velocity 60m/sec 60m/sec 60m/sec 60m/sec 40m/sec
Tsuneo Noguchi
Inventor & Patent holder
Technical Adviser for Taisei Techno


I have been dedicated to aeronautics and aircraft design for 28 years in a university as an educator.
Also as a researcher and a qualified pilot, I have contributed to new aircraft development, wind tunnel experiment and test flight.
Although vertical axis wind turbine (Gyromill Type) has many advantages, relatively stronger wind is needed to start rotating, resulted in low efficiency to generate electricity in lower wind in comparison to Propeller type.
This is why Propeller type is widely used Today.
Our new type of vertical axis wind turbine that we are introducing, however , starts to rotate at lower wind compared to propeller type and to deliver high rotating torque.
Basic design of our blade is almost the same as aircraft wing.
Our wind turbine has unlimited application and we believe it can compete with propeller Type.
This is the result of my research and experience by which I implemented structural design of main wing of aircraft.
This technology acquired patents in Japan, USA, EU, China and Koria.
My dream is to see that our wind turbine is widely used worldwide and contribute to conserve earth environment.

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